About the apartment

The idea behind the Aparthotel Duomo experience is to provide travelers the pleasure of an exclusive stay in the heart of one of Europe’s capital cities, just a few meters from the Duomo and the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

From the design and arrangement of the rooms, to the choice of furnishings and application of the principles of home automation, the Aparthotel Duomo aims to provide habitability along with the highest level of comfort.

The spaces at the Aparthotel Duomo feature high quality finishes and elegant design furniture with curved lines, refined fabrics and delicate subdued lighting, as well as spacious bathrooms with shower and chromotherapy, and a fully equipped kitchenette.

On the arrival of guests, the reception staff will provide the keys to the apartment, making them citizens of Milan until their departure, thanks to a stay in total privacy and independence